UPVC Conservatories


Extend your home with our beautiful UPVC conservatories in Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard. Our stunning range of conservatory styles cater for both traditional and modern taste so no matter your property type, we have the perfect conservatory for you.

A highly valued home improvement, conservatories are the ideal way to extend any home. They provide a bright and airy room which connect house and garden giving busy households some valuable extra breathing space.

At Window Installation Services we ensure your conservatory not only complements your existing property but provides a warm, comfortable and versatile space to use all year round.

Conservatory Styles


What will you use your conservatory for? Will it be a playroom or lounge?  Having an idea of how your conservatory will serve your lifestyle will allow you to make better informed decisions when it comes to choosing your conservatory style.

This is why our conservatory experts are with you every step of the way from design through to installation to ensure you achieve the perfect addition for your property.

The best thing about our UPVC conservatories is their versatility so whatever your intent, they provide you with the extra space you need to transform your home from drab to fab.

Which UPVC Conservatory?


We have a beautiful selection of conservatory styles for you to choose from so you won’t be left without choice. Our conservatory experts are at hand to help you choose a conservatory which not only accommodates your property but also adds great value.

Conservatories mostly fall into two categories: modern and traditional styles. The first step to building your dream conservatory, is knowing which styles are suitable for your property.

Modern Conservatories


Modern UPVC conservatories are perfect for home owners looking to maintain their home’s fresh and contemporary feel. Bespoke styles are available to fit a range of specifications, allowing you to tailor conservatory to home.

Traditional Conservatories


Classic style conservatories are usually paired with traditional properties in order to maintain appearance and character. However, many home owners with period properties have been inspired by the contemporary look and sometimes a modern conservatory within a traditional home can offer the right contemporary balance. Likewise, classic conservatory styles can soften aesthetics in a modern property, offering a stunning contrast.

Victorian UPVC Conservatories


If you are particularly taken with the traditional elegance of Victorian architecture then your eye will be drawn to the attractive Victorian conservatory. Versatile, it can be extended to a range of properties and will beautifully complement a period property.

Sharp roof edges are offset by soft, round facets offering an octagonal structure – similar to the facets on a bay window. This gives you a wonderful panoramic effect, giving you full view of your garden. Detailed finials complete the look, adding a lavish and glamorous touch.

Edwardian UPVC Conservatories


The Edwardian conservatory offers a rectangular structure ideal for the inclusion of furniture. Providing a generous floor space, the Edwardian offers a spacious interior which makes it a particularly attractive proposition for customers looking to make the most out of their conservatory space.

This simple, yet wonderfully understated style is complemented by crisp clean lines and classic finials for that traditional touch.

Gable UPVC Conservatories


Looking for a bit of grandeur? The gable conservatory is ideal for those after a bold, focal statement. Featuring a high angled roof, this design amplifies light and space creating an impressive, bright and warm atmosphere.

This timeless conservatory often incorporates an image of a rising sun into the roofline but detail can be kept to a minimum for those that prefer a simpler, clean look.

Lean-To UPVC Conservatories


This popular and cost-effective conservatory style can be adapted for a whole range of properties. The most recommended style for homes lacking space, the lean-to conservatory is perfect for bungalows and terraced houses.

This modern conservatory design can be tailored to your property requirements especially houses with low eaves.

Conservatory Prices

Window Installation Services offer competitive conservatory prices in Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard. For an instant online conservatory cost, use our free conservatory quote calculator.